Beautify your Jenkins with the a modern flat theme!


So you love Jenkins but hate its ugly user interface and icons… Me too! Introducing Jenkins Neo Theme.

This started as a fork to jenkins-material-theme, but changed mostly to use a flat and minimalistic design.



Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 Screen 4


Using this GitHub page

  1. Install Jenkins Simple Theme Plugin

  2. Click Manage Jenkins

  3. Click Configure System and scroll down to Theme

  4. Specify the URL for

  5. Click Save

Using your Jenkins Hosting

  1. Upload the file to your web server

  2. Follow the steps of the previous method using your uploaded file as URL in step 4

Using Stylish (only you will be able to see the awesome theme)

  1. Install the Stylish Chrome extension

  2. Copy the content of the file

  3. Go to Stylish options and click in Write new style

  4. Paste the theme css in the code box

  5. Click in Specify and set your jenkins domain

  6. Click in Save

  7. Go to your Jenkins website and enable the theme in the Stylish Chrome toolbar icon


CSS file are minified and compressed with Grunt. To prepare the environment:

npm install

This will generate the following file:

dist/neo-light.css dist/neo-dark.css ** Note: Theme neo-dark is WIP **


If you are experiencing issues please let me know! Also, feel free to contribute!


##Thanks to - Jenkins material theme for the inspiration and original work - Simple Theme Plugin for the Simple Theme plugin - Google for the the material design inspiration and the icons - Material Design Icons for some extra icons - Stylish for making the test of new versions easy - canon-jenkins for the base theme - @Heldroe for Fiferox and Microsoft support